Two hours more ‘til our 7th month. #24ever 💑💙💚💜❤️💏

posted Jun 23


So yeah, yesterday was definitely the “most maluho” date that we (Marco and I) had. Hahaha! We ate at @yabuPH for our lunch and had The coffee bean and tea leaf for desert.

Y’know, we seldomly do this. Going out isn’t actually our nature. In our (almost) 6month-relationship, I think I can even count with my fingers, the dates that we had. Dang, we can even survive a date with just an isaw and buko. Our favorite duo. Call us BADUY but yeah, street foods are our “comfort food”

So that’s it. Our advanced celebration for our 6th month. Teehee. Thank You, God! Cheers to our 6th! ❤️

posted May 22
#wednesdate   #yabuPH   #north   #love   #2014   #couple  




i have never taken a picture of myself naked, but i guess it’s not that bad haha. this is my room :)

wow this is actually really beautiful ;o




ending today with one of my favorites.

this is my favorite wow

this lifts my heavy heart, every time

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